TRADIO October 11th, 2019

Sales and Announcements:

Bethel Temple Church is continuing their $5 Banana Box Sale today 9-4 at 401 E. First at Ohio in Atoka. Open Mic Night Friday beginning at 7pm bring your instrument, or whatever, Storytellers welcome

Yard Sale, Friday and Saturday Multi-family, 2 ¼ miles West on Voca Road on north side, beginning at 8am

Yard Sale 7722 West Mount Carmel Road Today and Saturday 9-5 Fri and 8-5 Sat

BBQ Benefit for Jackie Cooksey family, lunch at 1p Today and Dinner at 4p, and a Silent Auction, at the Lehigh Community Center, Tomorrow the Leigh Octoberfest begins at 11a

Atoka Motor Sports Park Championship Weekend 1pm Friday and 11am Saturday with time trials, and racing throughout the rest of the day. Drivers from many States will be competing, 580-927-0907



All numbers have a 580 area code unless otherwise listed.

  1. 364-3141 will do any odd job
  2. 927-5079 does lawn care and mowing in Coal County
  3. 258-0080 has 3 ½ year old Simmental Bull, very gentle, $2300 or offer, 3 young 8-11 month old Bulls very $800-$900, 3 Heifers $850 ea.,
  4. 665-3456 Mows Lawns
  5. 239-9511 is looking for Odd Jobs has many skills and can do simple small engine repair on lawnmowers, etc. has a CDL and is also looking for full time work, and knows a man that does Brush Hogging
  6. 378-2781or 889-2980 and removes trees, any size, clears land and demolishes houses and buildings
  7. 539-9309 does Tree Removal
  8. 364-6770 Mows Lawns
  9. 364-6714 Mows lawns, clears lots any size, is a licensed tree man,
  10. 210-3940 Mows lawns and yard work
  11. 239-9118 does Weekend Babysitting
  12. 405-312-0406 is looking for Atoka and Coal county yards to mow
  13. 239-1928 will do Brush Hogging
  14. 918-639-7143 does Barb Wire Fence installation
  15. 364-6262 looking for any type of work
  16. 405-521-7122 has a Couch in great condition
  17. 885-7881 has Excellent Heifers (3 are Angus) 1000-1100 pounds $1700 each
  18. 513-4008 has a 2001 Dodge Caravan, they have the new Timing Chain, you just have to install it
  19. 889-0765 is looking for a used 5-6’ Brush Hog
  20. 239-9511 is looking for used carpet, 12×12, 14×14, 16×16 or any size
  21. 364-0357 has Square Bales $4, and 4×4 Round Bales
  22. 927-6197 has a Thompson White Mountain Carbine Muzzle Loader and an Excalibur Crossbow
  23. 230-0175 or 920-3532 has Sand and Gravel, Delivers
  24. 889-4883 has an old Motor Home, runs great, no title, and a Boat Trailer will handle up to a 16’
  25. 889-1691 has 4×4 Round Bales, 2 ½ miles west of Atoka of the Wapanuka Hwy on Timberline Road
  26. 889-6363 has several Hallmark Collectible Barbies still in boxes, Hand, Shot guns and rifles, and used Lariat Ropes, in good condition
  27. 889-1686 has a Single 20’ barrel 12 gauge, and a Henry lever action shoots 22 short or long
  28. 889-6394 is looking for a Disc implement to break up some soil
  29. 579-0064 has 3 house trailers, a 40’, 60’ and a 70’ no titles and none are livable, $100 each, the 40’ and 60’ have axels
  30. 740-1814 has a 42” cut Troybilt riding Mower, a 2001 Dodge Caravan and a 1963 GMC pickup, great restoration project, and a gas Air Compressor