TRADIO October 31st, 2019

Sales and Announcements:

Bethel Temple Church is  Holding a Fundraising Inside Sale Today- Saturday 9-4 at 401 E. First at Ohio in Atoka. A lot of new items including Halloween Costumes $1. Proceeds go to Building Restoration. Closed for lunch between 1 and 1:30pm

The Atoka/Coal Foodstore is in need of Egg Cartons

Gospel Singing featuring Kevin Spencer this Friday November 1 at Assembly of God Church Hwy 3 across from the Community Center, 7pm and it’s free

3 Family Yard Sale Today and Tomorrow 7am- 501 S. Willow in Lehigh. 927-0686.


All numbers have a 580 area code unless otherwise listed.

  1. 364-3141 will do any odd job
  2. 927-5079 does lawn care and mowing in Coal County
  3. 258-0080 has 3 ½ year old Simmental Bull, very gentle, $2200 or offer, 3 young 8-11 month old Bulls $800-$900, 3 Heifers $650 ea.,
  4. 665-3456 Mows Lawns
  5. 239-9511 is looking for large pieces of used Carpet, also Odd Jobs has many skills and can do simple small engine repair on lawnmowers, can split firewood, etc. has a CDL and is also looking for full time work,
  6. 378-2781or 889-2980 and removes trees, any size, clears land and demolishes houses and buildings
  7. 539-9309 does Tree Removal
  8. 364-6770 Mows Lawns
  9. 364-6714 Mows lawns, clears lots any size, is a licensed tree man,
  10. 210-3940 Mows lawns and yard work
  11. 239-9118 does Weekend Babysitting
  12. 405-312-0406 is looking for Atoka and Coal county yards to mow
  13. 239-1928 will do Brush Hogging
  14. 918-639-7143 does Barb Wire Fence installation
  15. 364-6262 looking for any type of work
  16. 258-0080 has three of Bodark trees down, Free to anyone to cutup and haul away
  17. 927-5399 is looking for 1-2 ricks of seasoned wood
  18. 212-3890 has a Yamaha Rhino side by side, new tires, axles, batteries, etc. $4000, and a side mower $1000
  19. 239-2739 has an 18’ Pop up Trailer, great condition except for one broken tail light, $1,750
  20. 364-2133 is looking for someone to install a flue on her wood stove
  21. 789-8743 has 250 Bales of Bermuda, and 1978-2001 model Ford Pickups, all need engine work
  22. 239-1927 has a Chihuahua for free, and is looking for the man in Lehigh that has washing machines for sale, and has a goose neck hitch convwertor
  23. 279-2150 has 4 unopened boxes of maple colored wood flooring, $20 for each box. Each box covers 25 square feet
  24. 239-9810 has Game roosters, and a 14 month old Walker Hound. He is also looking for anyone with Fall Decorations, Bales, Pumpkins, etc.
  25. 230-8442 has mixed puppies and 1 Great Dane puppy, $10 each
  26. 638-2452 has a 16” Saddle with Bridal, saddle Bags and more, $135
  27. 889-3839 is looking for a 55 gallon Plastic Barrel, no lid, and an Acoustic Guitar
  28. 364-3321 or 889-7797 has 3 new boxes of 45 70 shells, 2 homemade Deer Feeders and 2 Turkey Vests
  29. 271-2423 is looking for a Transmission for a 1995 Ford Explorer 4×4 with a 4.0 liter engine
  30. 271-0888 has Chiweenie puppies, all shots, $50 each
  31. 889-0589 has a miniature female Australian Shepherd 8 week old puppy, red and white, $200