Tradio April 25th , 2018

Tradio April 25th , 2018

(Unless otherwise posted, all numbers have a 580 area code)


  • Gale Bennet Moving Sale until about last week of April (Washer and Dryer 6months old, computer desk, and a few plants and pants summer capris ) 214-213-3794




  1. 315-869-1751 1 Sugarland ticket 3rd row for may 4th $133
  2. 931-8895 Albert in Durant has a 1997 Dodge Dakota ext cab front wheel drive Asking $1650 cash only Firm, Craftsmen Push Mower for sale $70, jump start car battery $40, in Durant at 216 E. Pine in Durant
  3. 364-6545 Looking for some fertile quail and guinea eggs
  4. 917-4144 Looking to re-home family of cats maybe a barnyard
  5. 513-8838 One bodark post with limbs trimmed up if you want to come get it, come get it, like to buy 40 gallon aquarium pump and accessories
  6. 513-0199 (text) Small insulated shed that doesn’t leak, hay haven $100 each
  7. 513-2571 Larry in Lehigh has lots of used lumber and tin for sale, 70 and 72 Oldsmobile’s all new interior for one of them
  8. 239-8343 2006 Park model trailer with room edition on back with two added rooms is set up on property can rent spot for $100 a month will take $3800 for trailer
  9. 889-0648 looking for fiberglass doghouse comparable to igloo doghouse
  10. 364-4382 has about 4 good 350 Chevy heads
  11. 916-6008 2007 Honda Recon 4 Wheeler 2WD
  12. 513-0162 33ft travel trailer for sale, 2013 Harley Tri-glide
  13. 380-3942 100 gallon fuel tank, 250 gallon fuel tank, flatbed, 90 ford f-350
  14. 258-0080 2 young black Simmental bulls both weaning age one is artificial bred $750 each, bodark trees blown over can come cut them up for free, barn wood selling cheap
  15. 775-8478 About 50 bodark posts already cut, burn barrels $10 a piece
  16. 239-2004 Looking for a hand general cleanup cutting hedges and all that don’t call till after 9
  17. 513-0419 Front bumper for ¾ ton Chevy ’03 complete bumper for 4WD with tow hooks and all in good shape, set of 6-hole aluminum spoke wheels with tires, aluminum tool box that sits in wide bed pickup
  18. 740-1814 looking for 3 bottom john deere breaking plow and other implements that came up missing east of Caddo, looking on work
  19. 453-2973 Home Pro weed eater, Husqvarna big wheel push mower no less than $70, hauls old iceboxes things like that even a car if they can get to it
  20. 889-0405 Half-bed (or twin bed) a sleigh bed head board and foot board complete mattresses in good shape, washer and dryer set a little rough but does work, chest type deep freeze medium sized, upright refrigerator
  21. 271-0888 Chocolate/Tan chi-weenies left asking $100 a piece, has 3 small polka dotted micro mini pigs, man has two little black/tan chi-weenies to give away
  22. 903-267-0408 Radial arm saw runs good
  23. 889-6394 Tendril bed has sold it but they haven’t picked up it for a year, smoker for sale as well
  24. 559-9309 MISSING pup at 43 highway with blue collar and white faced
  25. 760-0288 4 195 65 r 15 tires for sale
  26. 239-2641 Trying to locate furniture for some folks in need (chairs couches full sized mattress box spring) anyone who has anything to donate please help
  27. 514-8911 Shane looking for work
  28. 364-3241 9 laying hens lays a light blue egg $15 each, about 1300 golf balls about .20 a piece