Tradio – March 28th , 2019

(Unless otherwise posted, all numbers have a 580 area code)


  • Yard sale 369 West A Street Thursday and Friday (inside the shop building so rain or shine)
  • Yard Sale 528 e. Poole, Tushka toady and Friday beginning at 9 am Rain or Shine
  • Atoka County day is today for Atoka food store house and Thursday make up day r both atoka and coal across the Harmony School


  1. 364-6375 3 year old grey gamecocks, trains dogs for protection 40 years experience
  2. 239-9511 Brand New headlight assembly and two taillights for a GMC Sierra, more for a bigger pickup, looking for some lawnmower repair work if anyone needs some light repair done
  3. 258-0080 3 young black Simmental bulls for sale ¼ angus all solid black, weaning age heifers all solid black some are ¼ angus, 2 cow/calf pairs one has a bull one has a heifer, blue tubs $5 apiece or 3 for $10
  4. 927-8363 is Looking for Someone to remove Concrete Slab from her Property
  5. 740-1814 has a Band saw, Planer, Machinist Table and many many more items. Call for Info.
  6. 484-5265 Mows Yards and other Various jobs, can remove building, etc.
  7. 513-2096 is looking for a home to rent in Southeast Atoka and has a Female Blue Heeler to re-home.
  8. 247-0560 has 25 4×5 Round Bales, Fertilized $50 per bale
  9. 463-2973 has 1 Antique Ethan Allen brass and glass Lamp, 3 Coleman lanterns and an X-box 360 Console, 1 controller and 20 games, $80 for the X-box set.
  10. 889-0765 has Two Barns and tin fencing to be removed…you can keep all the recovered barn siding and fencing.
  11. 889-6719 has a 6’ Tiller, new tines
  12. 364 has a Remington 6.5 Creekmore Bolt Action Rifle with scope
  13. 889-2561 has a McCoy Rocking horse Cookie Jar $15, Madison County Arkansas Genealogy records, $10 and a 1971 Mattel Tearful Tender Doll $5
  14. 364-2261 ha 7 Cows, 6 Angus and 1 Hereford
  15. 889-6394 is looking for Gravel to build a 300 foot road
  16. 239-9878 has a 1992 F350 4wd Pick up with automatic locking hubs and only 55,000 original miles, Excellent condition
  17. 464-2906 is looking for a 20” Ford Rim with 8 holes.