TRADIO August 21st, 2019

Sales and Announcements:

The Coal and Atoka foodstore will have their Coal and Atoka County makeup day this Thursday August 22nd from 10am-3pm at the foodstore located in the former Harmony Community Center on harmony Road.

Larry is still looking for his P.O.W. mug lost along the road between Lehigh and Coalgate. Has the P.O.W. flag on it and his name, black. Please call 513-2571…reward



All numbers have a 580 area code unless otherwise listed.

  1. 364-3141 will do any odd job
  2. 927-5079 does lawn care and mowing in Coal County
  3. 258-0080 has ¾ Segmental and ¼ Angus bulls and 6 Heifers $600-900 ea. All registered. And has Blue Tubs 4 for $10.
  4. 665-3456 Mows Lawns
  5. 239-9511 is looking for Odd Jobs has many skills and can do simple small engine repair on lawnmowers, etc. has a CDL and is also looking for full time work, and knows a man that does Brush Hogging
  6. 378-2781or 889-2980 cuts and removes trees, any size, clears land and demolishes house and buildings
  7. 539-9309 does Tree Removal
  8. 364-6770 Mows Lawns
  9. 364-6714 Mows lawns, clears lots any size, is a licensed tree man,
  10. 210-3940 Mows lawns and yard work
  11. 239-9118 does Weekend Babysitting
  12. 405-312-0406 is looking for Atoka and Coal county yards to mow
  13. 364-4829 has Chihuahua/ Jack Russell mix puppies $40 each, and two camper trailers, no titles
  14. 239-7172 has Game Roosters for sale, 2 other roster for sale or trade, and a 2008 Dodge Ram 1500, 6 speed, rebuilt trans and motor
  15. 889-5836 has 40 acres of hay to be cut, and is looking for 110 or 220 Air conditioner to rehab and donate
  16. 513-1316 is looking for a 2 bedroom home in Atoka
  17. 378-2654 has an Electric stove $125, a Gold PT Crusier runs well $1500, and a 110 air conditioner $75
  18. 364-6725 has a Stealth Trail Camera in box
  19. 212-3860 has a VW Beetle diesel motor $2500
  20. 239-2810 cuts, bales and hauls Hay, also has Hay for sale
  21. 239-9810 has Game Roosters, also white Game Hens, $125/ea and ½ Mountain Cur and ½ Pyrenees puppies 8-9 weeks old, good around chickens and a Male Walker Hound pup will sell or trade for a 22 rifle
  22. 889-0122 is looking for 60 large bales of Hay
  23. 405-712-9203 is looking for a camper trailer must be in good working condition and under $1000
  24. 889-6394 has a like new 12v Battery, model 65, with 850 cranking amps $60239-8375 found a goat, on Bruno and Bethel Roads, has scars on lower legs and is castrated
  25. 927-6149 has 5 laying hens, 1 rooster and a bench top drill press
  26. 889-6363 has several pistols and rifles, used but good Lariat ropes and several collectable Barbies in boxes
  27. 239-2641 is looking for a 20×20, piece of dark colored carpet and work in private care
  28. 364-6995 is looking for work as a Hot Shot CDL driver and has NEW head Lamp and Tail lights for Chevy pick up $200
  29. 364-2798 has Guinea Hens for sale or will trade for Laying hens
  30. 364-6661 has 2 end tables, 1 rectangle, 1 round, and a kitchen table 3’x5’ with legs and a Cherry finished Ampiphone electric Guitar
  31. 775-2238 has Pigmy Goats
  32. 239-1221has 4×4 round bales $25/ea., is looking for large hens, brown eggs and a CD/Cassette boom box
  33. 405-213-6448 is looking for Guinea hens and a male Peacock, also has 2 fallen trees to be cut up and removed
  34. 364-3692 has Mineral Buckets $2/ea