Tradio November 21st, 2019

Sales and Announcements:

Bethel Temple Church fund raising sale continues with many items 50% off Today through Friday 9-4 at 401 E. First at Ohio. Many items

The Atoka/Coal County Foodstore is in need of Egg Cartons

The Stringtown Free Thankgiving Dinner is this Saturday the 23rd from 11am-2pm. At the Stringtown Fire Station


All numbers have a 580 area code unless otherwise listed.

  1. 258-0080 has 3 ½ year old Simmental Bull, very gentle, $2200 or offer, 2 year old black Simmentals $700, 3 Heifers 2 for $200 each, and for $650 ., and three Bodark trees down, Free to anyone to cutup and haul away
  2. 405-521-7122 has a Lead Smelter, comes with all accessories including 2 fishing weight molds, and is looking for a spare trailer tire 5 hole 12”
  3. 927-0606 is looking for vehicles to buy and crush, pays scrap prices
  4. 258-0683 or 258-0302 has a large Wood Stove, great for Shop
  5. 918-471-9257 can do anything with dirt, clear pastures, anything you need
  6. 889-6394 has FREE left over lumber from a house building site
  7. 367-5162 has a 42” Vizio TV needs repair, $25
  8. 239-0445 is looking for a Bily Goat
  9. 927-2829 needs someone to trim 3 trees
  10. 453 9201 wishes to purchase a 3 bedroom house in Atoka or surrounding area
  11. 917-8014 ha Game Cocks for sale $200 each
  12. 364-2440 is looking for a Chimney Sweep
  13. 523-1298 has lost a small Hound, dragging at least 3’ of chain, wearing a red collar in Lane
  14. 405-213-6448 has a 2006 Jeep Liberty needs work
  15. 279-2248 has a 3 year old Whirlpool Refrigerator, as good as the day it was made, $200740-1814 has an Antique Fireplace Mantle, Wood and carved, with side pillars and other items
  16. 239-1876 has 4 9 week old Jack Russell puppies shots and all.