Tradio Tuesday January 14th, 2010


Sales and Announcements:

The Atoka/Coal County Foodstore is in need of Egg Cartons

INCA is in need of Rolling Rocker Donation, will pick up, 889-5193



All numbers have a 580 area code unless otherwise listed.

  1. 258-0080 has 3 ½ year old Simmental Bull, very gentle, $2200 or offer, All Registered, and three Bodark trees down, Free to anyone to cutup and haul away
  2. 405-521-7122 is looking for a piece of Plexiglas 2’x4’, also has a Lead Smelter, comes with all accessories including 2 fishing weight molds, and is looking for a 5 hole 12” trailer wheel with good tire to be used as a spare,
  3. 927-0606 is looking for vehicles to buy and crush, pays scrap prices, will pick up
  4. 378-2781 cuts and removes trees.
  5. 378-2629 does Hog Removal from your property, has all the traps and dogs
  6. 378-2874 has CANDY!!! Gummies, Bubble Gum, Fruit Snacks and much more, closing business, 301 West McCoy, Caddo
  7. 364-0357 has Square Bales
  8. 469-340-9380 has  Playstation4 with many games and 2 controllers, is looking for work, and has dogs and puppies to give away, and is looking for work
  9. 513-0419 has a Massey Ferguson 383 Tractor 95 air conditioned cab, 2 Case 940 90hp Tractors, 1 runs well, 1 for parts, a 20’ Stock Trailer, and a 61/2” Feeder, also a Winch Truck with 5th wheel hitch in the bed.
  10. 212-3860 has a 1983 Short Bed Pick Up, Excellent Body, no Motor, $1500
  11. 889-6394 has an imitation leather Sofa free to anyone that will haul it away
  12. 364-6791 has a 14’ Camper trailer
  13. 364-4596 has a 1948 model 48 Yugoslavian Army Rifle, bolt action, modeled after the Mouser 98, uses 8mm cartridges, comes with a box of ammunition, bayonet, cartridge belt, never used
  14. 775-2238 is looking for a Welsummer Rooster
  15. 239-1841 is looking for a Fabric Recliner, inexpensive.
  16. 239-2641 is looking for light housework or Eldercare, no heavy lifting, Registered, and a Box Spring and Mattress
  17. 239-2731 has 2 buckets of Granular Insecticide, $75 per bucket, an Echo 225 Weed Eater, new, $200, and a set of 265 65 18 tires, good tread, 40%, $80 for the set