Tradio June 30th, 2020


Sales and Announcements:

Bethel Temple restoration sale Today through Wednesday 9am- 4pm, East First St a Ohio, Atoka Also there will be a Gospel Singing Saturday beginning at 4pm.

Allen Lumber is looking for a Yard hand, some indoor work as well, 889-6615, this is a permanent full-time job.



All numbers have a 580 area code unless otherwise listed.

  1. 258-0080 has 2 Heifer $800ea, Registered
  2. 364-2245 Has Fresh EGGS
  3. 916-8380 Makes Face Masks
  4. 239-9511 has a CDL license, hot shot runs, and does Small Engine Repair
  5. 367-0037 has Fresh Cow’s Milk
  6. 964-2440 is, is looking for Work of Any Kind
  7. 239-0593 is looking for hay for Rescue tortoises, prefers Tennessee Hay, also will take your excess vegetables for feed.
  8. 889-5009 is looking for 33 or 41 single shot Remington’s and also any single shot Winchesters.
  9. 405-638-2357 makes Facemasks, Adult and Child sizes $5 each, washable. Locate in Coalgate
  10. 367-5162 has Egg Cartons to Giveway.
  11. 405-549-3510 is looking for 10 Acres with pond in Atoka County
  12. 271-0888 has Guineas, Geese and Ducks
  13. 239-1333 Does Yard work and mowing
  14. 364-0357 has Square Bales $5 each
  15. 513-2571 has 3 Jukeboxes that need repair, 2 45rpms and 1 CD, and is looking for either a Pepsi or Coke Soda box,
  16. 279-9417 has FREE Kittens
  17. 469-340-9380 is looking for any type of work, House, yard, etc. Also has other items for sale, and all ages and breeds of Dogs, FREE
  18. 889-6394 has lumber for sale, Trees free to anyone that will fell and cut them up
  19. 239-0858 has an Entry Door 36”x 72” with all Hardware, glass with iron grating $50
  20. 918-855-7881 is looking for Box Blade Shanks, and has a 1964 International 424 Tractor, good condition, just bought a new tractor
  21. 927-6154 is looking for a 4’ or 5” Brush Hog in Good Condition
  22. 889-7231 has a Humidifier for sale
  23. 239-1221 also has 4×4 Bales of last season’s Hay $20 per bale
  24. 367-5162 is looking for a 1973 Camaro or Corvette to restore, has motor, body must be in good shape.
  25. 579-4688 has 2 Shotguns for sale, also underground cable
  26. 405-213-6448 has a solid wood heavy duty Front Door, with framing and is looking for Guineas and Muskogee Ducks, and a Craftsman Air Compressor
  27. 580-825-6711 has a Sofa $50, and a large Entertainment Center and assorted bolts and screws to giveaway
  28. 889-6363 has Lariat ropes, Assprted guns, hand, rifles and shot
  29. 889-5265 has an Electric Whirlpool Dryer
  30. 364-3241 has Pullets, also a Rooster, about 7-8 weeks old, $6 each
  31. 239-1822 is looking for an Electric Stove and a good Refrigerator.
  32. 889-6363 has a 3 ½ Bedroom 1 ½ Bath Home in Caney School District, and a 2000 Dodge Dakota V8 pickup, call for more information,
  33. 513-2124 is looking for someone to spread Lime
  34. 210-0203 has a Push Mower and a lot of other things for sale
  35. 513-0162 is looking for a Good Farm Truck preferably 4 WHD, and a bed for a 1999 Dodge Dually
  36. 620-381-1385 has Young Pullets for sale, a stove can be either propane or natural gas
  37. 484-7845 is looking for a Walker with a seat
  38. 364-2026 has a Full size Bed with a bookcase headboard, lots of enclossed storage to giveaway
  39. 509-9727 is looking for a Corn Hole, beanbags
  40. 775-8478 has 540 bales of Bermuda Hay and 250 Bales of Wheat and Oat grass, very reasonable.