Tradio October 8th, 2021


  • Sales and Announcements:

Inca SERVICES is in need of Wheel Chairs, the donation is Tax Deductable, will pick-up if necessary; call Debbie at 889-5193.

Henderson Heat and Air has an immediate Full Time Opening for a Yard Hand, with assorted other duties, Needs to be filled ASAP, call 889-5501

Garage Sale 103 South 8a-5p 103 South Jerome Today,  Household items, clothing and more

Yard Sale Friday and Saturday beginning at 7:30 am, 11th and Newman in Atoka, look for the signs. 513-8838

Yard Sale301 W. 8th, Today and Tomorrow 8-3 Both Days

Huge Multi Family Sale, 160 W. B, ATOKA BEHIND Bledsoe’s Diner, 918-202-9550

Garage Sale 7932 west Voca Road, Caney, Today and Saturday, until whenever this evening and 7:30 until Noon Saturday

Yard Sale 276 Main, Tushka, Everything, including Homemade Jams and Jellies, Pickles, etc.

Yard Sale last house on left on N. California Street, Coins, Tools, Household items and furniyure beginning at 10am



  • Calls:
  • All numbers have a 580 area code unless otherwise listed.



258-0080 Has 20 Calves for sale

239-2810, Shorty has square bales on the trailer, just baled, great for feed, or fall decoration,   He also removes trees, And  has firewood, will cut to size and deliver. Also a 20’ Stock Trailer for sale, Can do yard work and Brush Hog, has all the equipment to do the job

  • 559-1993 Starting a New Handy Man Business, can do everything, they can do Electrical, Welding….any job, bids made on site
  • 903-772-8894 Hauls scrap, including old vehicles and Tears down Houses
  • 364-2527 is looking for any type of work, also does all type of Handy man and Yard work, also cuts trees and Hauls Scrap, and is looking for a Rent home in the Tuska area
  • 364-6856 hauls scrap, old appliances
  • 378-2781 cuts and removes trees, has all tools and equipment including the truck to haul the wood off, if you don’t need it.
  • 889-0484 does Small engine repair, No service fees when work is done at his location, however there is a $20 fee if he has to come to you., also a complete Drum Kit
  • 364-6725 Trains Watch Dogs
  • 364-0419 Mows Lawns
  • 889-7231 Mows yards
  • 239-0386 hauls junk
  • 207-0029 does Odd Jobs and Tree Work
  • 364-0357 has Square Bales
  • 230-0397 Southeast Motor Sports is looking for vehicles to use in Demolition Derbies, and Junk Cars
  • 239-8131 is looking for Odd Man work, can do everything, Also has 6 hole 16” Chevy Wheels in good condition and a Riding Mower, no Engine, 48” deck good transmission, $100 as is
  • 298-2940 has Guineas for sale
  • 250-3848 Does Ironing, shirts, $1 and Pants, $1.50.
  • 364-3835 does Weed Eating and Mowing
  • 509-9645 does Yard Work
  • 889-3765 is looking for Odd man work of any kind
  • 239-1333 Does Yard Work
  • 364-4170  has Square Bales
  • 364-2682 is looking for any type of work
  • 378-2781 Cuts Trees
  • 927-6411 is looking for knowledgeable Ranch Help 2-3 days per week, can provide ride, and has 200 acres north of Coalgate for sale, large home, barn, several stock tanks and a stream, fences
  • 364-3633 has Fresh Eggs
  • 453-2973 has2 A/C units, 1 a large btu Crosley and a smaller one room GE, both work great, Heavy Duty vehicle Ramps, and a patio pit burner
  • 364-6013 is looking for Odd Man Work
  • 889-0311 has 75-100 4×5 Bales of  net wrapped last year Hay, $25 each
  • 927-0488 has Fresh Eggs,$2 per dozen
  • 239-2641 is looking for Misc. Work, Yard Work etc.,
  • 402-0622 has Game Chickens, and Rabbits will trade for guns or saddle
  • 889-1671 has Roping Saddles, and a Husky brand Goose Neck Trailer
  • 239-1796 does Scrap metal hauling.
  • 364-6725 has a Metal Dog Crate with removable floor tray, $20
  • 889-6394 has 10 Acres for sale west of Lane, utilities available, and Aluminum Ramps for sale
  • 239-9800 has 33 large Hay Rolls, good quality
  • 378-2310 ha a 2 bedroom house for sale, and 2,4, and 6, security camera sets
  • 579-4688 is looking for a Battery Charger on wheels, and is looking for an Air Compressor
  • 239-0858 is looking for 15-20 Square Bales of Quality Hay.
  • 430-228-1207 has 700 GMC Transmission, newly rebuilt, $750, 120 quart Aladdin Ice Chest, never used, can hold 188 cans, $125, and a 10’ Dump Bed, new, $1800
  • 258-8227 is looking for a male or female Blue Heeler
  • 364-2800 has 2 male and 2 Chiweenie dogs, $25 each, negotiable
  • 889-0090 has Old Table Saw Blades, and Scrap Iron
  • 258-0319 had a CP400 Crossbow never been shot, case and all accessories
  • 364-4829 has Vintage Kitchen Cabinets and Counter tops in good condition, also A Chicken Coop, needs to be dismantled, both FREE
  • 239-1796 is looking for scrap metal
  • 364-2798 has 2 incubators, 1 only used once, $100 for both or will trade for laying hens
  • 340-7944 has 20 Rabbits some can be butchered, dogs and more, getting out of the pet business
  • 364-6856 has scrap metal
  • 239-1003 or 889-5370 has 2 Post Oak tress down and is looking for someone to cut them up
  • 239-1221 has a 1997 Ford 4×4 short bed pickup, clear title, needs the motor rebuilt, $450
  • 239-0770 has a Large Nail gun and accessories
  • 889-0648 is looking for a 20-24’ pop-up Tent trailer, ready to use.
  • 364-2695 has a Bench and VCRs for sale
  • 230-9841 has a Free Kitten in Durant, call after 9am
  • 513-1339 has 3 week and a half old brown Ducklings
  • 889-6394 needs someone for Odd Man work
  • 927-6149 has a Ford 4000 Tractor
  • 279-8863 has 15×9 and 25×8 tractor Tires, Mounted, $75 negotiable for the 15×19.5 and $25 each for the 25×8
  • 559-9309 is looking foe Egg Cartons
  • 740-9102 has a 9mm Glock for trade