Tradio November 5th, 2021


  • Sales and Announcements:

Inca SERVICES is in need of Wheel Chairs, the donation is Tax Deductable, will pick-up if necessary; call Debbie at 889-5193.

Healing Class at Atoka Truck Stop, November 6th at 6pm, for information call 889-6951

Family Yard Sale Friday and Saturday beginning at 8am, 353 and 354 West 12th, Atoka

Yard Sale Friday and Saturday 8 miles West of Tushka, take Boggy Depot Road to North Park Lane, then go North 1/8 mile, Beginning at 8am

Garage Sale 2 miles East on Hwy 3 at Crestview, All types of items 239-2842

Moving Sale Research Rod  at Hwy  Lane, in Blue Building



  • Calls:
  • All numbers have a 580 area code unless otherwise listed.



258-0080 Has Blue Tubs $5 each, or 5 for $10

239-2810, Shorty has square bales on the trailer, just baled, great for feed, or fall decoration, Decoration or Target only bales $4 each  He also removes trees, And  has firewood, will cut to size and deliver. Also a 20’ Stock Trailer for sale, Can do yard work and Brush Hog, has all the equipment to do the job

  • 559-1993 Starting a New Handy Man Business, can do everything, they can do Electrical, Welding….any job, bids made on site
  • 903-772-8894 Hauls scrap, including old vehicles and Tears down Houses
  • 364-2527 is looking for any type of work, also does all type of Handy man and Yard work, also cuts trees and Hauls Scrap, and is looking for a Rent home in the Tushka area
  • 364-6856 hauls scrap, old appliances
  • 378-2781 cuts and removes trees, has all tools and equipment including the truck to haul the wood off, if you don’t need it.
  • 889-0484 does Small engine repair, No service fees when work is done at his location, however there is a $20 fee if he has to come to you., also a complete Drum Kit
  • 364-6725 Trains Watch Dogs
  • 364-0419 Mows Lawns
  • 889-7231 Mows yards
  • 239-0386 hauls junk
  • 207-0029 does Odd Jobs and Tree Work
  • 364-0357 has Square Bales
  • 230-0397 Southeast Motor Sports is looking for vehicles to use in Demolition Derbies, and Junk Cars
  • 239-8131 is looking for Odd Man work, can do everything, Also looking for fresh brown Eggs, Also looking for a working Refrigerator
  • 250-3848 Does Ironing, shirts, $1 and Pants, $1.50.
  • 364-3835 does Weed Eating and Mowing
  • 509-9645 does Yard Work
  • 889-3765 is looking for Odd man work of any kind
  • 239-1333 Does Yard Work
  • 364-4170  has Square Bales
  • 364-2682 is looking for any type of work
  • 378-2781 Cuts Trees
  • 364-3633 has Fresh Eggs
  • 364-6013 is looking for Odd Man Work
  • 889-0311 has 75-100 4×5 Bales of  net wrapped last year Hay, $25 each
  • 927-0488 has Fresh Eggs,$2 per dozen
  • 239-2641 is looking for Misc. Work, Yard Work etc.,
  • 239-1796 does Scrap metal hauling.
  • 239-9800 has 33 large Hay Rolls, good quality
  • 239-1796 is looking for scrap metal
  • 364-6856 hauls scrap metal
  • 364-4596 has 1 26”x20” tri color “Lite” Neon lamp, and a lighted “Heineken” Register Topper. $80 for both, also a Budwiser Tap Handle
  • 453-2973 has A 5050 btu and 1 10,000btu window A/C units, a Round rock Patio Burner, and a luggage roof rack for a SUV or Pickup
  • 889-0788 has a Motorized bed, Full Size, made up of two twin size mattresses
  • 405-213-6448 has an Aluminum Pickup bed Tool Box, excellent condition, 2 Chainsaws, a interior Doors, and a pair of unfinished wood Batwing Saloon Doors
  • 889-6363 has 1 20 gauge Shotgun, plus other handguns, shotguns, and rifles, A hand cranked Grinder, Also a small 2 dog truck bed box
  • 634-1688 has German Shepherd Puppies, $100 each
  • 889-0648 is looking for Young Laying Hens
  • 918-855-7881n has an 8’x10’ heavy duty Cattle Guard, $200, and a 424 International Harvester Tractor, power Steering, and Good Tires. Runs Great
  • 864-6791 is looking for a Shetland Pony
  • 927-5904 has Chickens and Goats
  • 402-0622 has a 1 year old ½ Mountain Cur, $100, also is looking for Baby Chicks and 2-3 dozen Brown Eggs
  • 320-6960 is looking for a Dog Kennel, approx 10’x14’, and has 7week old Pit Bull Puppies
  • 239-9827 has Charolais Bulls for sale
  • 889-0311 has 4×5 bales of last year Hay, net wrapped $25 per bale
  • 239-1221 has a 5×8’ Utility Trailer with wood sides
  • 495-206-6967 is looking for someone to mow a yard
  • 889-1661 has a 10’ Hayking Aerator $2000 negotiable, a 2 point Back Hoe, $3000, and a 14×70’ Mobile Home, not livable but great for storage
  • 364-3321 has a set of used 10 ply 265 70 R17 tires, good tread, and 2 285 70 R17’s
  • 239-9266 is looking for someone to help roof her home, has most all materials
  • 258-8227 is looking for 2 goats, has a 22 rifle and a 2007 Dodge Charger
  • 513-1253 has 2 Hound Dogs, 2 months old
  • 239-1668 has a Honda Rancher 350, Excellent condition, $2000 firm
  • 239-1786 has 200 acres with ponds to allow free grazing on
  • 559-9309 has Fresh Eggs
  • 207-0814 is looking for an older Propane Cook Stove, with pilot lights
  • 889-6394 is looking for Large Brown Eggs and Someone to Clean his Home.
  • 513-1495 is looking for a Bumper for a 2001 ½ ton Ram Pickup, also a Complete Passenger side Turn Signal
  • 364-4900 is looking for 2 Rear Tractor Tires, 26 9 30. Decent tread
  • 239-8226 or 239-1772 has Seasoned Firewood, 21” lengths
  • 889-6394 has Firewood, Free to anyone who will cut it up and haul it off, Also is still missing a Black Heifer with brand, west of Research road area
  • 634-1688 has 4 Full Blooded German Shepherd Puppies, $100 each
  • 430-228-1207 is looking for a 60,000 to 100,000 btu Propane Heater, needs to work, not look pretty
  • 320-3633 is looking for a 2/4 ton Flatbed with long bed
  • 364-3893 is looking for a battery powered Kid’s Car, does not need to work, preferably free
  • 816-565-0265 is looking for a large Wood Burning Stove