TRADIO – May 20, 2022


  • Southern Oklahoma Nutritional Center Menu

Friday 5-20-22

Beef vegetable stew, cornbread, peanut butter cookies


  • Atoka County Library


Thursdays – 9:30 am


Senior Health & Fitness Day

When: Wed, May 25, 10am – 1pm

Where: Atoka County Library, 279 E A St, Atoka, OK

Join Atoka Count Library from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM for a health check-up event conducted by the Oklahoma State Health Department. This will include a general health check, Flu &COVID shots, information on Medicaid and other resources will be available.


  • Yard Sale in Caney 5 miles west on boca rd turn left ½ mile on park lane second house has signs out TODAY until
  • Yard Sale 596 NE 1st Tushka TODAY until 4pm


All numbers have a 580 area code unless otherwise listed

  1. 509-9727 Eggs for sale bring your own cartons
  2. 453-2973 2 upright engine for water pumps, 1 pushmower old style with carb on top, hickory smoker wood 80% split
  3. 364-2527 Does yard work and carpentry handyman type, looking for a 19 inch tire and rim to fit 2010 dodge journey
  4. 889-0298 portable air compressor, tankless water tank, a couple of computer desks
  5. 579-4688 Hayfork for sale to mount in back of pickup, tires for sale 18inch on ford wheel brand new for 250 ford, 15 inch chevy wheel with like new tire on it, old rally wheels chevy
  6. 918-855-7881 Tires for sale 275 55 R20 $5 a piece Live in Caney
  7. 364-2527 Looking 13 inch tires for 5×8 lawnmower trailer
  8. 258-8001 Honey extractor 20 frame extractor $600
  9. 239-2641 Looking for rent house for her daughter preferably in the country pet-friendly
  10. 239-8131 or 513-2096 Looking for some work welding fabrication etc
  11. 760-5409 Hauls off old scrap metal (old appliances, lawnmower ,anything in your way)
  12. 453-2973 Several 220 plug-ins, 2 sets of beauty rings for 14 inch rally wheels, looking for outboard motor 5-7hp or trawling motor, 3 kittens to giveaway
  13. 239-2327 98 Ford expedition for sale $1000, hardwood doors, 6ft windows 6×1
  14. 364-4978 Looking for a couple of window AC units, a lot of flat bed truck equipment for sale, utility bed trailer gas power air compressor 1 inch air gun none of the hand tools though
  15. 740-9102 Various items from shop clean out (extension cords, old chairs, misc)
  16. 258-0319 Yellow kemmer cur squirrel dog pups